During strategy sessions with aspiring authors the first question I ask is, “What would you like to accomplish during this call that will inspire you to take action on your goal to publish your book?” Recently, two sisters—both fiction writers—had the same request: Tell us what we need to do to start reaching our audience so they can get excited about what we’re doing.

In some form I talk about this subject every day with business professionals who want to write their ExpertBook™. Here’s what I’ve discovered as a result of those conversations: When it comes to promoting themselves, and for some even writing their book, most aspiring authors are overwhelmed, resentful anduncommitted. Sadly, these emotional states stop them from capturing in print and sharing some amazing information.

They’re overwhelmed because they don’t know what to do. The scope of the project feels daunting.

They’re resentful about having to promote their books, as well as themselves as authors on top of day-to-day marketing efforts necessary to maintain a successful business.

They’re uncommitted because they don’t see the path for a profitable return on the investment of time, energy and money it takes to get their book written and published.

The good news is that the initial steps to overcoming these emotional states are small, simple and doable.

1. Choose one new way to be visible as an expert in your field.
2. Discover the social media forum where your target audience hangs out.
3. Learn from the authors you emulate.

Expanding Your Visibility
Write blog posts, publish a newsletter, create and post 1-2 minute videos, be a speaker, submit articles, teach, start a conversation your preferred social media channel…the possibilities are endless. What would be easiest for you?

Knowing Your Audience
Where does your audience hang out in-person and online line? Go to them. Ask them, “What are you curious about?” Then, satisfy their curiosity…answer their questions.

Learning From Others
Who are the authors you emulate? Follow them on social media and discover their best practices. How do they engage with their readers? How do you stay abreast of what they’re up to? Choose one thing to incorporate into your own audience engagement plan.

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