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How Unclear Purpose Gets in the Way of Writing a Book

My clients understand communicating consistently in print with their audience is a necessary step to position themselves as thought leaders. They’re business owners and executives who want to increase their credibility, expand their marketing reach, and attract more clients. Their ultimate goal is to realize a greater level of personal and business success.  And they find publishing a book expedites the journey.

In my work with over 50 ExpertAuthors™, I’ve found many are so enthused about writing, they want to dive in right away without a plan. And as understandable as this excitement is, at some point in the process, they can get overwhelmed and blocked from moving forward. Why?

Five blocks that consistently keep people from becoming thought leaders and writing their books. The sobering fact is each block is completely self-created. And they aren’t just connected to writing. They extend into how you present yourself to the world and, in turn, influence how you impact and are viewed by others. The overriding fact is many potential thought leaders block their own path to success. The first step to stopping the sabotage is to understand what’s going on.

In the first blog in this series, “Five blocks keeping you from Thought Leadership – and how to overcome them,”I shared how to locate and listen to your hidden mindset which can sabotage you. This month, I explore how unclear purpose can halt even the most earnest writer and stand in the way of your authorship.

The following tips will help you focus as you begin to write. 

Clarify your purpose

Why do you want to be a thought leader? – Before you begin to write your ExpertBook™, determine how being a thought leader will benefit you and your business. Thought leaders are widely respected role models and leaders in their profession, industry or community. They’re known for making a significant difference. Why do you want to be one? Only you can answer this question. But, once you do, holding yourself to that vision will keep you inspired and motivated. Having a meaningful reason to keep going will keep you focused. Ask yourself:

  1. What am I offering that makes a difference? Why does it matter?
  2. How is my influence changing my profession, industry, and community?

How will writing a book support you in becoming a thought leader? – A primary purpose of writing your ExpertBook™ is to attract the opportunities you want for your business (speaking engagements, TV appearances, new clients.) Defining what you want from writing a book, knowing how that will position you as an expert, and why this is important to you and your business, will help keep you on track.

Who do you want to read your book? By understanding your  motivation,  you will  be able to  identify who your target audience is, who you’re trying to reach with your message, and why you want to share your expertise with them.

What problem does your book solve? – As a subject expert, you’re sharing a solution to challenges a particular group of people need solved. Ask yourself, what is that problem and who are the people that will need your help in solving it?

How will what you have to offer benefit others? – By identifying who will benefit most from your book, you can put a plan in place to reach them even before you start writing. You’ll be able to communicate with your audience throughout your writing journey and generate excitement for when your book is available.  Your audience will be ready to buy!

My hope in writing this series is to help you discover that you already are a thought leader and accept the responsibility that goes along with the title.  It can be scary, I know. But don’t let anyone stand in your way of moving forward with your project – especially yourself.

Be watching next month when I’ll share tips on how to make a committed plan once you’ve clarified your purpose.

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