LegacyONE Authors recently met with Jessica Butts, psychotherapist and relationship coach. We talked about her newest book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat and how she met the challenges of writing, publishing and marketing it. We were also joined by public relations consultant, Margo Myers, who has helped promote the book.

Karen Lynn Maher (KLM): Thank you for talking with us today, Jessica. I’d like to capture the full experience you had writing, publishing and marketing your book since launching it July 7, 2015.  As I understand it, you help people discover their innate selves through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. What was your purpose behind writing this book?

Jessica Butts (JB): My primary purpose was to take what I talk about all day with my clients and put it into one place as a resource for my clients. I also wanted to reach a much larger audience with my work – to share the intellectual property I developed based on Myers-Briggs to help launch other engagements; speaking, television appearances. Basically, I wanted to enhance my career.

KLM: As you reflect back on that initial purpose, how has that worked for you?

JB:  Great! It’s exceeded my expectations. I’m passionate about this content and will be talking about it for a number of years. And the book is a launching point – it gives me the credibility to get on talk shows.  It’s just the beginning.

KLM:  Has your audience share shifted since writing and launching the book?

JB:  Yes, initially my perception of my audience was too broad. There’s a saying, “niche is rich, broad is broke.” In the beginning, I thought my audience was everybody. But as you coached me, I discovered I was being too vague and needed to focus on a specific audience. I realized people who think outside the box, intuitive types, are my client. After this realization, it became so much easier to write the book. It’s written for entrepreneurs.

KLM: What was it about the process that helped you get that clarity and what could we have done to get you there sooner?

JB: Honestly, I don’t think we could have gotten there any sooner because the time involved was part of the process. There are people who want to write their first book in ten days.  I don’t see how that’s possible because so much goes into it. I think now that I’ve been through that process, though, the next book will likely go faster.

KLM: What’s the problem you help intuitive entrepreneurs solve through your book?

JB: People don’t really understand Myers-Briggs. They may have known about Myers-Briggs for years but never saw it put into context like I do in my book. So that’s the first problem it solved. Secondly, it helps people figure out their innateness so they can start designing their lives around what is true about themselves. So many people throw darts at a global dartboard when they need to get focused and specific. I believe my book does that for them. And, lastly, I hope it really shows the differences in the types, especially the intuitive types because we are marginalized in this world. Intuitive types can learn to embrace their awesomeness and know being intuitive is a strength, not a weakness.

KLM: Based on the feedback you’re getting from your book, are the problems being addressed?

JB: Yes! Definitely. And that makes me really, really happy.

KLM: After launching your book, what has been the business result?

JB: I would say the biggest and most tangible result is my business has gone from just being local to becoming more known nationwide. So I’m not just a therapist in Seattle that does hourly work but one that is recognized at a national level. My book shows people what I do and gives them a glimpse of how to work with me. Being able to reach people and sell the book to get that process going is huge. It also brands me as an expert and opens the door to interviews. I’ve had more speaking engagements which has turned into increased revenue for my business. There are a lot of benefits.

KLM: When you think about the process of getting your book done, what was the most challenging aspect for you?

JB: Finding the time to write while working full-time. And taking everything I know and putting it into one book. Capturing what I do was challenging but also rewarding.

KLM: How was it rewarding?

JB: The best reward was realizing what I do helps people and then actually writing a book is kind of unbelievable. Having written a whole book made the sessions with my clients different. I’d be sitting with a client and would say something brilliant and think, “oh, my gosh – I have to put this in the book!” My day-to-day meetings with clients took on a new role. When a client would have an “aha moment” from something I said, I realized I could share it with thousands of people – and that’s pretty cool.

KLM: Jessica, public relations consultant Margo Myers has joined us. Welcome, Margo.

Margo Myers (MM): Thank you. Writing the book completely changed your lens, Jessica, didn’t it?

JB: Yes, it did. I don’t want to discount the power of one-to-one work. But realizing I can change the lives of thousands of people by writing it in a book, going on the television show New Day Northwest – it’s really powerful.

KLM: What was the highlight of the process?

JB: Just simply doing it and holding it in my hands. All the reviews and responses are amazing too.

KLM: Can you describe your experience working with LegacyONE Authors?

JB: There is no way I could have done it without you. You knew how to do stuff I didn’t know how to do. You gave me the information, tools, structure and support to do it. You challenged me to get it done. And I trusted you to hold that huge process for me. You always knew what was next.

MM: What was your previous experience working with PR?

JB: Zero. I could have never done it alone. You’ve been supportive, connected, and committed; my cheerleader and champion – really invested in me.

MM: What was a highlight for you in the PR process?

JB: Being on New Day Northwest was totally awesome. Also, I get Google updates and on the day you released my press release, the headline was me! That was super exciting. You calling me a “sassy psychotherapist” was so fun.

MM: You’ve had more than $20,000 worth of airtime on New Day Northwest and they’ll probably re-run that segment too.

JB: Nothing recently has made my website go more crazy than New Day Northwest. And I’m getting a big check from Amazon soon. There’s no way this stuff would have happened without the two of you helping me.  Thank you!

Karen Lynn Maher is a leading authority on writing and self-publishing expert non-fiction. Since 2001, she’s developed more than 50 authors, guiding them from concept to published book. She’s the author of ExpertBook™ Planning Made Simple: The Best Ever Guide to Writing Your Book, and co-author of ExpertBook™ Marketing Made Simple: Publicizing and Promoting Your Book.

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