I’m excited to share something fun and different with you.  Last week I had the pleasure of working with these students in Richmond, Texas, at the Shady Oak Primary School.  My friend and colleague Debbie Elder (director of the school) guided them to write the book during a two-week summer program. The enthusiasm they had about writing was inspiring so I thought I’d share some of it with you.  Here’s what they shared with me:
  • It’s easy to write a book. Just learn about a subject and then write down what you learn.
  • Working together as a team is fun. Give everyone on the team a job and a deadline. Here are the tasks they split:  writing, researching, illustrating and taking photos.
  • The reason to write a book is to share information with people we care about. Make a list of who you want to share the information with and go ask them if they want to buy the book.

I love the simplicity of their guidance. What I love more, though, is the joy and sense of accomplishment they expressed about the topic of success and the opportunity to share what they’ve learned through a book.

Sometimes I start taking myself too seriously and forget that we’re meant to live joyfully in service to others. I appreciate the reminder these young writers and entrepreneurs gave me last week.

Here’s how you can get a copy of their book, What Every Cool Kid Deserves To Know

They would love it if you would post a REVIEW once you have read your copy.

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